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One-on-One Coaching

Ingredient Sales Insights provides one-on-one coaching for ingredient sales reps.  The one-on-one coaching process is customized to each individual sales rep. We ask reps questions about what their challenges, struggles, frustrations and goals are, and then we design a plan that the ingredient sales rep can implement over 90 days, 120 days, or a full year.

The plan can encompass anything from focused training on identifying brands for specific products to generally decreasing work hours while increasing results. Ingredient Sales Insights educates the sales rep on the specialized techniques used in each unique plan, teaches them how to put the plan into practice, and then provides continued support throughout the desired training time frame.

Having a plan based on an ingredient sales rep’s specific needs and the support to execute that plan ensures that reps will see progress in their territory on a regular basis while also increasing efficiency.

In a highly-specialized industry, it makes sense that highly-specialized training can mean the difference between progress or failure. Through the industry knowledge gained, the techniques acquired, and the support received, ingredient sales reps who undergo Ingredient Sales Insights’ training are set up to achieve real and lasting success.

Group Coaching

Group coaching with Ingredient Sales Insights and Ingredient Sales University provides entire sales teams with the opportunity to come together around key areas where they need help. We’ve had teams come together over one focus area such as productivity or industry acumen, or to address a specific problem they want to work out.

Maybe the whole team just wants to learn how to better manage all of the projects and emails.  Group coaching is entirely customizable. We can take teams through a coaching process based on overcoming consistent challenges that each team member faces. This kind of training is valuable for the whole group, and ultimately, the whole company.

If you’re looking for a more effective way to train your team, we encourage you to contact us about how group coaching at Ingredient Sales Insights University can benefit your company.

Imagine that…

  • You are on track for your biggest sales year ever, but working less hours than ever before.
  • You feel productive, in control and confident in your work.
  • Your email inbox is at zero unanswered or unopened emails.
  • You are able to take entire days off, without checking your email or panicking that you might be missing something.
  • You enjoy your job and have found the work/life balance that you have desired for so long.

The Ingredient Sales University membership site is designed for ingredient sales reps that are busy, maybe even a little overwhelmed, and looking for simple ways to be more successful and productive.

Ingredient Sales University (ISU)  will help sales reps by providing:

  • Coaching videos designed with simple and actionable  steps for more productivity, sales, contacts and even specific industry knowledge.
  • Resources will be provided to help you implement the action steps quickly and while on the go.
  • Question and answer sessions with Cico and other experts in the industry.
  • Interviews with leaders in the industry–all of who will help reps develop themselves and improve their territory.
  • New monthly content designed with the ingredient sales rep in mind.

ISU is structured to give ingredient sales reps the vital tools needed to develop new skills, build new ideas and habits and grow their territories without the overwhelmed feeling and frustration that usually comes with growth.

The training that ISU gives is designed to teach ingredient sales reps, like you exactly how to achieve massive growth, while still maintaining a work/life balance.

ISU is a monthly subscription that provides immediate access to amazing, substantial and specific content for ingredient sales reps to implement immediately.

Plus, there will be significant new content every month!

We all know that professional development is crucial to success, so – take yourself – and your sales to the next level with Ingredient Sales University.