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How do you get out of the rat race of the busyness of ingredient sales while still engaging in a sales process that will grow your business? There’s nothing more frustrating than being busy without knowing how to move your opportunities or your relationships forward so that you can be more successful. Sometimes you just feel like you’re doing things that other people tell you to do, but there is a way out. I want to give you some stories of a couple of great clients of mine that were able to get out of their rat race, create a vision, and become successful.

One of the reps I worked with had been in the chemical and nutrition ingredient sides of the industry for 15 years. He was living in a world that had him slammed by his manager’s demands on his time, energy, and focus. He was frustrated with not being able to spend time with his family, and this frustration presented itself in the form of 23,500 emails sitting in his inbox, collected over just a couple of years. He felt stuck. We created a process and strategy to eliminate his distractions. Within 30 days, his inbox was at zero and yet, while that was fantastic, he had another challenge. He was growing at 42% year over year, which was great, but he wasn’t happy. The reason he wasn’t happy was because he didn’t have good visibility about how to progress his opportunities. He wasn’t able to manage them very well; he had about 16 opportunities all on an Excel spreadsheet, but momentum in each of them was dicey at best.

After we brought his inbox down to zero (and really, he did all the work, he just needed a process), he was able to engage in the process of organizing his day. By doing this, he identified more than 88 opportunities that would actually help him grow exponentially. He started to experience 75% growth in projections over the next 12 months; and that was before he switched companies and was able to handle 120 opportunities. At his new company, he had the potential to double the size of his entire company’s business–not just his own territory, but the entire company. To get to this point, eliminating those distractions was essential for him. He was a long-term, seemingly successful veteran; imagine how critical eliminating distractions is if you’re new to the industry, only a few years in?

I have another client who was in a similar position. He didn’t have many emails in his inbox; he felt like he was managing everything well, but his inbox constantly drew his attention because he wasn’t sure what to do next. It was a distraction. All of the internal company meetings and people that just wanted to have conversations were also distractions. Together, we developed and designed a way to eliminate those distractions. In the beginning, he was growing at nearly 7%, but we got him growing 19% in nearly 9 months. Even more, he knew where his growth was coming from, which kept him from being distracted by his inbox and the internal distractions of his company.

These are just a couple of case studies so that you get a glimpse of what it means to eliminate distractions, grow at a massive percentage, and understand why not knowing where growth is coming from can be frustrating. I hope that you will join us in our video series, “The Journey to Exponential Ingredient Sales Growth” where we dig into the exact process of eliminating distractions so that you can be focused, energized, motivated, and moving on the journey of exponential ingredient sales growth.

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