I’m Francisco Rodriguez, known as Cico (“Seeko”) by those close to me; and I’ve had a unique journey in the Dietary Supplement’s Industry. From being a consumer, chasing athletic performance at age 15, to using my Biology degree to qualify raw materials, leading the R&D team at Garden of Life, then finally reaching my sweet spot with an incredibly successful career in ingredient sales. What I loved most about my role in ingredient sales was coaching new hires to help them develop skills they could use for their entire career and I decided to make that my business.

Having sat on the other side of the table as an R&D Manager, I understand the needs of brands and contract manufacturers in order to help move an ingredient through a brand from ideation to formulation to launch.

Drawing on my multifaceted experience, I coach ingredient sales reps, managers and teams to create catalysts for new concepts that drive the industry and impact human health.

I reside in Florida, where I engages in food growing permaculture, right in my backyard, and enjoys ample quality time with my wife, children, friends and neighbors.

Let’s set the stage

You’re an ingredient sales rep with struggles that don’t seem to end, challenges that feel impossible to overcome, and projects that won’t start or haven’t moved forward; and you need to grow in your career.

Oftentimes, it’s difficult to know how you need to grow to overcome the challenges and to start those projects and keep them moving forward. If this seems familiar, read on.

While I was an ingredient sales rep like you, my journey started as a consumer, then QC at a contract manufacturer and brand. Next I managed R&D for a brand and then became an ingredient sales rep.

These stages in my career provided me with insight most sales reps on my ingredient sales team didn’t have. My experiences, when applied effectively, created results that were unprecedented.

The journey of more than 20 years can take much less time with a clear focus on what needs to be learned and how to apply it.

Currently, I train ingredient sales reps and their teams utilizing 7 Strategic Foundations that need attention before sales reps can experience maximum success. Some are able to take 2-3 of these and experience good success, but for a long-term ingredient sales career, engaging in all 7 Foundations creates exponential success.

And that is what I hope for you . . . so let me know how we can work together!