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When I managed Research and Science at Garden of Life, one of the Danisco sales reps for Dietary Supplements experienced a hilarious story that demonstrates another sabotaging activity that impacts high value ingredients sales.  The story goes like this… 

This sales rep managed the probiotics sales process including clinically studied probiotic sales, but at Danisco there are thousands of other ingredients that are sold into foods and the volumes for those ingredients are massive as compared to the volumes that could ever be done in probiotics.  At the time, the CEO of Dansico had a meeting with this sales reps and asked something to effect of “can you focus on business that will sell truck loads of probiotics?”.  Well, this CEO hasn’t been there in almost a decade but this line of thinking is pervasive in the dietary supplement industry:  the thinking that high value ingredients have the same sales process as lower value ingredients or commodity ingredients.  This thinking has dramatically limited ingredient suppliers in the industry from having the focus of how to effectively sell high value ingredients to the right brands.

The effects of having the same sales process across all ingredient solutions creates ineffective engagement including having sales reps focused on activities that limit productivity.

9th of 10 ways ingredient suppliers sabotage sales of high value ingredients:  
Maintain the same sales process for your high value ingredients as you have with your lower value ingredients

But what does a high value ingredient sales process look like AND how can you create it for your company or at least yourself, if you are a sales rep?

At SupplySide West 2017 we’ll be covering the entire sales process of high value ingredients. If you have high value ingredients, your sales process must match the value of your ingredients in order to get the right brands to launch with those ingredients.

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This workshop provides a powerful process for taking a high value ingredients from development to sales in the most efficient way possible.  While customers may not be looking for your ingredient solution, and many will NOT want it, the “right” finished product brands that will launch your ingredient solution most effectively actually dream about your solution and have been waiting for you to show up…in the right way for them to move forward with a decision.

Stop struggling selling your high value ingredients and get to the workshop at SupplySide West!  

And coming up… the FINAL (10th) way ingredient suppliers sabotage high value ingredient sales!

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