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2 years ago an ingredient sales rep shared how they connected with the CEO of a strong Australian brand and had a fantastic call with him. This sales rep clearly made progress with getting the CEO on board with a high value ingredient solution both through effective phone calls as well as strong value communication via email.  Not only that but a sample of the material was sitting on the CEO’s desk!  Almost anyone would say “a sale is going to happen” because all of the actions pointed to getting a decision-maker engaged in the process.

Ingredient sales reps sometime struggle getting the right decision maker into the sales process because decision makers often have protection in layers from other people limiting access. And many sales managers at ingredient suppliers want to know if they have connected with a decision maker in the sales process. The problem is, decision makers don’t really make ingredient decisions.  They make business decisions.

8th of 10 ways ingredient suppliers sabotage sales of high value ingredients:  
Focus all your attention on decision makers at accounts with which you present

Our story continues when the sales rep was asked “How long has the sample been on the CEO’s desk?”.  “10 weeks” was the response.  The answer almost made me fall out of my chair.  The truth is that the CEO wasn’t the right person for a sample because he very likely doesn’t know what to do with it.

The decision maker in any company requires a group of “action takers” to do the work of evaluating some of the tactical challenges that might surface with a particular ingredient solution.  By focusing only on the decision makers, the high value ingredient sales cycles begin to expand, often to the point where the sale is delayed and then disinterest sets in for the decision maker at the brand.  They move on and that amazing ingredient doesn’t get the opportunity to launch with that brand, at least not any time soon.

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