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If you have about 2 minutes, would you take the evaluation above?  It provides valuable feedback to tailor training to help you navigate the challenges of getting the right brands to launch finished products with your ingredient solution.  AND if you need a refresher on the first 4 of 10 ways ingredient suppliers sabotage sales of High value ingredients (to be sure you’re not doing any of them!), take a look HERE

We paused the delivery of our series “10 Ways Ingredient Supplier Sabotage High Value Ingredients sales” so you could catch up,  but with SupplySide West 2017 fast approaching we wanted to get back to it!  Ingredient suppliers need to be aware of ALL the ways they might sabotage their sales AND how to stop engaging in these activities.   When suppliers are aware of what NOT to do, they have the best chance to succeed in selling high value ingredients to the right brands.

So here you go:  the 5th way ingredient suppliers sabotage high value ingredient sales happens when ingredient messaging comes solely from the ingredient suppliers’ or experts they hire’s internal dialog. When creating ingredient messaging, there are 7 major aspects that must be discovered & included in order to maximize ingredient sales.

Sadly, most ingredient suppliers neglect messaging and focus on “information”.  When this happens, presentations, marketing, and even internal dialog create massive confusion for the best brands who would be ideally suited for their ingredient and also for the end-consumer.  Developing ingredient messaging may be the least supported process in the entire ingredient industry.  Because messaging isn’t supported, ingredient sales teams send email after email or engage in meeting after meeting with the wrong focused outcomes.  They might even engage with great outcomes to present but with the wrong companies.

How can you design effective ingredient messaging to not only impact your sales to brands, but also help brands sell through to the end-consumer?  We’ll be sharing the exact process as part of the workshop at SupplySide West! 

5th of 10 way ingredient suppliers sabotage sales of high value ingredients:  
Developing high value ingredient messaging based solely on your organization’s (or hired experts) internal dialog

We’ll cover more about selling high value ingredients at an exclusive exhibitor workshop at SupplySide West entitled: Essentials to Getting High Value Ingredients Launched with the Right Finished Product Brands (only $25 to attend).  You’ll leave that workshop with all the information you need to be sure you don’t sabotage the sales of your high value ingredients!

This workshop provides a powerful process for taking a high value ingredients from development to sales in the most efficient way possible.  While customers may not be looking for your ingredient solution, and many will NOT want it, the “right” finished product brands that will launch your ingredient solution most effectively actually dream about your solution and have been waiting for you to show up…in the right way for them to move forward with a decision.

Stop struggling selling your high value ingredients and get to the workshop at SupplySide West!  

And stay tuned for the 6th way ingredient suppliers sabotage high value ingredient sales that will be posted soon!

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