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We are getting great feedback on the above evaluation!  As we continue this series of the “Top 10 Ways Ingredient Suppliers Sabotage Sales of High Value Ingredients” be sure to complete the evaluation above!  It takes about 2 minutes and provides valuable feedback so that we can taylor training to help you navigate the challenges of getting the right brands to launch finished products with your ingredient solution.  AND if you need a refresher on 1-3 of 10 ways ingredient suppliers sabotage sales of High value ingredients, take a look HERE

Today I want to share a story with you as we talk about #4 of the 10 ways ingredient suppliers sabotage their sales of high value ingredients…

Over a year ago I enjoyed participating in a meeting with an ingredient company presenting to a great brand in the Food, Drug, Mass channel.  The ingredient company put together what they thought was a fantastic presentation! Graphically appealing and following a flow they were accustomed to presenting. The presentation started and after about 24 minutes of presentation, the response from the brand was dismissal.  There was zero interaction and team members were quiet and unsure if this would be worthwhile for them.

Imagine if you could create the “perfect” presentation for your high value ingredient.  Maybe you’re thinking you’d want the the flow of the presentation, the comprehensive benefits of your ingredient, and even unique insights your marketing team uncovered about the opportunity in the marketplace all in one presentation so you could show all of your customers.  Is that what you’d shoot for?  Truth be told, this presentation might be perfect for educating YOUR team but for presenting to the brands you want to launch your ingredient – it’s critical to avoid this temptation.

Brands have 12 potential team members that need a presentation designed uniquely for each of them (see the list of possible team members here). The roles of each team member at the brand requires them to avoid being the decision-maker for all of their departments.

4th of 10 way ingredient suppliers sabotage sales of high value ingredients:  
Designing just one fantastic presentation to show prospects your high value ingredient solution

So back to the story I started above of that meeting…

A shift happened at the 24 minute mark that completely stopped the presentation as it was and the meeting began to improve. Suddenly a real opportunity was on the table with a potential launch timeline of less than 4 months.  The difference was a tailored approach that could have been developed into the presentation itself if there had been confirmation ahead of time on who from the brand would be involved in the meeting.  The reality is you need a minimum of 4 unique presentations based on the top departments you may present your unique ingredient solution to and that’s one of the topics we’ll discuss at SupplySide West!

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