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We’re continuing the series of the some of the 10 things ingredient suppliers do to sabotage sales of their high value ingredients. Go to this link to the the first of 10 things we discussed.

Another way ingredient suppliers sabotage high value ingredient sales, like the first one this still focuses on the clinical study design, they only obtain feedback from clinical study participants at the beginning and end of the study. Now if you understand the marketplace, obviously the goal of an ingredient solution is to be used over and over again. But humans avoid changing behaviors for very long unless they see some kind of progress in a relatively short period of time. People get fatigued and annoyed and they really don’t like to spend money on something that doesn’t “work”. That’s not to say that your ingredient doesn’t “work” but if it takes too long to initiate a transformation then it will impact success of finished products using your ingredient solution.

You may be thinking “but supplements provide support or maintenance of health, they aren’t legally allowed to transform health or they will be defined as a drug so we can’t even talk about real benefits” (if not that exactly, you were probably thinking something like it). Well, I love that biology doesn’t follow laws created by human legislatures. Ingredients used in supplements actually do impact health and occasionally, in a dramatic way, which is a reference to “speed of transformation”.  However, because most studies only focus on biomarker data or if they get participant feedback it’s only at the beginning and the end of the study. Therefore, the ingredient supplier misses one of the top 2 opportunities they have in a clinical study for extremely valuable information: the time taken for a transformation experience to occur.

2nd way ingredient suppliers sabotage sales of high value ingredients:  

Only Getting feedback from clinical study participants at the beginning and end of the study

Now this challenge of “time to transformation” does NOT mean a study should be shorter. Actually, I’m a big fan of long-term studies; however recent studies on probiotics for weight loss have shown long-term benefits but those benefits were based on the full length of a very long study. Consumers and brands need something more meaningful to them without compromising great science.

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And stay tuned we still have 8 more ways ingredient suppliers sabotage high value ingredient sales that will be posting soon. Be sure you’re not sabotaging your sales by staying tuned!